Trusting the Classics

Being a Barista many people would expect me to dress a little more, how do you say, casually drab. Chuck T’s, skinny jeans, some sort of small like hat and an affinity for Horn Rimmed Glasses. But fortunately enough for me, I work at The Little Bird Bakeshop in Old Town Square where I dress up everyday. However, dressing up for a service job in Fort Collins, better known as Puffy Jacket and Chacos capitol of the nation, is really difficult.

As I tried to increase my foray into the sartorial world, I was fortunate to stumble upon many a website that not only teach, but inspire men to dress more fashionably. I wanted to start sharing some of those finds for myself as well as eventually post visual transformation aids. It is hilarious to watch my transition from Pleated pants and black t-shirts to well fitting button ups and monk strap shoes.

Funny, we both wear identical outfits. This was a complete coincidence i swear !

One of the first websites that I ever encountered was called Close Up and Private. Started in 2009 by artist Sergei Sviatchenk the website was a modern art piece on contemporary men’s fashion. Not only does it highlight the many different types of mens fashions, including boat shoes and cardigans, it presents it in slightly confined areas and with very awkward angles. At first I was like “someone needs to learn how to hold a camera” but as I kept looking at the pictures I couldn’t help but notice Sergei’s affinity for the details in men’s fashion. You see, men’s fashion is limited to the basic 1930’s style english suit and basics like jeans and t-shirts. So the actual cut of things is very limited, but the details, fabrics, or even color of buttons that a man can have on his clothing truly makes the garment a piece of yourself expressed to the world.

To put it succinctly (which I will fail to do on this website many a time) Close Up and Private created the “Etiquette for the Modern Classicist” 18 rules that modern and classy men should follow. Funny enough, this list of Classics is what inspired me to start dressing in more slim cut clothes and finally purchase my trenchcoat. Don’t believe me, please gaze upon this beautiful video on Vimeo that brings to life these rules.

<p><a href=”″>Trust the Classics</a> from <a href=”″>Close Up And Private</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


One thought on “Trusting the Classics

  1. Finally! someone who feels my pain in this fashion retarded city. I feel like an alien when I wear nice clothes. Either way james, this was a well put together, quick article and I will continue to read as you find more places with fashion advice for us classy men. On a side note how good looking is the girl blogger who liked this entry? WOW

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