Friday Morning Coffee Break: Chemex


Just me and my Chemex

One of the many “perks” working as a professional Barista here in Fort Collins at the Little Bird Bakeshop is that I have the very fortunate luck of getting my little hands on a mulititude of brew methods. Including this lovely little instrument known as a Chemex.

For those of you not in the know, (and trust me being in the know is like opening a Pandora’s box of pretentious superiority arguments about the best brew method) a Chemex is a pour-over style brew method. This means that water is poured directly over the coffee grounds instead of fully submerging the beans with water like a french press. It is argued that the Chemex is one of the most pleasing cups of coffee because it A. Brews a really clean cup of coffee and B. Looks aestheticaly pleasing. The glass carafe uses a paper cone filter that helps sift the insoluble coffee particles and makes for a clean cup like one you get out of a But unlike the Mr. Coffee the beans are evenly saturated and evenly extract the coffee so you get a real smooth, really good cup of joe.

Tedious, time consuming, but it looks so elegant.

I really like to make coffee that is a little consuming because it allows me to really take a break from my life and let go of all of the tension. To make a good cup you have to be involved, glossing over any step during the process could lead to an uneven extraction or an overextraction that tastes bad. It makes me appreciate the simplest thing in the world, a black cup of coffee, so much more because of the work that goes into it. I’d philosophize more, but lets not because this is a short break and detailed talk is for evening/late night web surfing.

One day it is my goal to actually make video’s showing brew methods or being all like “Hey, a video on coffee with me and this other guy doing all the work!” But until I get around to it, Intelligentsia (A famous and often times TOTAL COFFEE SNOBS) have created a fantastic how to for Chemex here.   

Art for the sake of making me feel cooler than I actually am.



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