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How many times have I been asked at work about how to Tie a bow-tie, a windsor knot, or Pratt knot. Not very often. But I was approached once by a customer to offer recommendations to his son for a Homecoming outfit. Let’s just say if I was going back to homecoming with what I now know about Fashion I would be the hottest thing on that Dance floor. Always remember, Color blocking, blues and grey’s will separate you from the other boys and always, ALWAYS, wear fitted pants at the very minimum. 


A perfect Four-In-Hand knot with a slight showing of the back tail and a dimple

But that is neither here nor there. What is more important is that 1. Yes I do wear bow ties and regular ties to work and 2. I needed somewhere to figure out how to do just that.

Enter How to A website created by Hendrik Polil, it’s whole intention is to teach men how to tie a multitude of necktie knots. The site is clean, the site is very fashionable. The main site only teaches you the step by step instructions as well as short how-to videos. But dive deeper into the site and you can find a somewhat anecdotal and informative blog that includes posts on presidential ties and knots and what you should wear for job interviews, or nights on the town.

For me, during 2011, I was fortunate to go and work at the Colorado State Capitol under Rep. Su Ryden (D) from District 36. During my time there I had to learn how to tie a tie very quickly to fit in with lobbyists, representatives, and the Governor John Hickenlooper. When I was in a pinch How to was my saving grace and was actually the site that taught me how to tie my first bowtie.

You can check out the site here.


One thought on “Sites I like: How to

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