This is why I love her!

To my ladyfriend.

Sometimes there are little moments that make you fall in love all over again. Enter my ladyfriend.Image I wouldn’t neccessarily say that she is a quote/unquote “Hipster” but she fits the persona completely. She dresses very avant garde thrift store chic. She listens to bands like Califone and she has an affinity for 90’s fashion and reading autobiographys. You would think that this is why I love her but it’s not. Really it’s when I receive little notes like this:

On my way to school I thought I’d get inspired with a Little Bon Iver because of the Winter Wonderland, but then I was late to conferences because I had an overwhelming urge to fashion a guitar out of an Oak. 

As you can see. Brilliantly hipster but so much more adorable. to love, you just can’t get enough.

Also, for more Bon Iver musings don’t forget to check the Bon Iver fanfiction Tumblr, Bon Iver Erotic Stories. Fascinating stuff.


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