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Well let me be the first to say this. When I look at fashionable bowties I think of two things. One, man that is a pretty nice bowtie on that dapper gentlemen. Two, where the hell am I gonna find that to purchase? Thank god for the internets. I have recently stumbled upon a website called The Tie Bar. This website sells all types of ties, bowties, and tie accessories at very reasonable prices. In fact, many websites including Jesse Thorn’s Put This On say it’s a mildly reasonable site to purchase cheaper ties from. Not the best ties, but good when you are on a budget.

Beautiful ties of all sorts!

But upon traversing the site, I came upon something unique and in my mind a great opportunity to support domestic rights. I mean specifically the right to same sex marriage. Tie the is a non-profit organization started by actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his partner Justin Mikita as a non-profit organization committed to raising funds and donating those funds to other non-profit organizations that promote the equal marriage rights in the united states through art, fashion, and entertainment. From what I can find on their site, Tie the Knot each year donates up to $200,000 of it’s proceeds to about several organizations. Their first major donation was given to the Human Rights Campaign which is a large LGBT civil rights organization.

The ties are really cool because they have a huge and diverse array of colors, textiles, and patterns. My personal favorite was their flagship bowties that had owls on them. The owl was used as their mascot because it is the animal meant to represent knowledge, maturity, and looking darn good. My second favorite of course are the wool and plaid bowties because they are simple, understated, and work in all type of situations.

Jesse and Justin

I like using fashion as an outspoken tool for a specific right because it is a great way for people to personalize their involvement with a certain issue. Fashion, by most definitions is meant to be a personal reflection of self-image or portray a specific message. By incorporating an issue into your wardrobe allows you a way to proudly assert your support. Not only that, it looks like it’s a part of your own personal style and belief’s rather than just being some obtrusive button or t-shirt that you will wear once at a rally and than turn into junk drawer fodder or painting wear. To have something that you can incorporate into your normal wardrobe really helps to let you be proud of an issue and represent it and support it all the time. Now that isn’t to say that if you support something you should just stop at the purchasing of a bow-tie, but it’s a nice way to constantly remind yourself to keep up with the good fight and support your issue till you see it all the way through.

This tie is only available through most Professional Barista Outlets

For our hipster, bicycle, craft, 90’s nostalgic generation, the LGBT debate has become our civil rights campaign. Whether you love it or hate it, I can clearly see a lot of parallels between Women’s suffrage and Black equality. People are looked down upon because of their lifestyle. Does being in a same-sex relationship change them as humans? No. If they are cut do they not bleed? I understand the religious argument and that same sex marriage can go against your indoctrinated rights, but remember when most religions also said that women couldn’t vote or hold a seat of power and influence? Now we are starting to see people like Hillary Clinton become a primary player in politics, and believe you me, she will be a threat in 2016. The LGBT civil rights is exactly the same, people asking for respect and equality and in a generation of caring about EVERYTHING why shouldn’t this be an issue that we promote and move on from?



Other Non-profit fashion sites I like:


Human Time Project

Falling Whistles

Global Action Through Fashion




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