Friday Morning Coffee Break: Christmas Playlist

Finally put my Christmas Tree up!

Happy Holidays! I love the Christmas time. Especially when it snows. Which for some reason in Colorado, there is a large lack of it! Which means really bad news for the Spring and a destitute wasteland Mad Max Road Warrior kind, but I am in no way worrying about it. It’s Christmas time after all and all I can do is just be merry and enjoy it. So what better way to do that than to create a nice playlist to accompany your favorite brew! So grab your Mug, brew method of choice and your Novo Holiday blend and come enjoy a nice holiday playlist! Also, don’t forget to hug your children if this so happens to be the last day on earth!

Typically when I listen to Christmas music I like a handful of things. I like to feel a little Melancholy,  kind of serene and quiet, and also just very innocent. Blues, Jazz, and sincere hipster covers are my favorite. To check out other fun playlists go to NPR’s Depressing Blues Christmas Playlist or Stereogum who has a great Indie Holiday Playlist from 2011 and of course the AV Club has a great series called AV Undercover Holiday edition!  Also, for a great show, and I feel like I really could just make a re-blog of all of Jesse Thorn’s stuff, the podcast Bullseye has a great interview with the Polyphonic Spree about their amazing new holiday album. And truth be told, anything the Polyphonic Spree does makes me just fill up with emotion and cry.

So here is my Holiday playlist:

  • Clarence Carter- Backdoor Santa
  • Freddie King- Christmas Tears
  • How I Hate to See Christmas Come Around
  • Donny Hathaways-This Christmas
  • Mountain Goats-Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  • Polyphonic Spree-Happy Christmas, War is Over
  • The Kinks- Father Christmas
  • kate nash merry x-mas everybody
  • Vince Guaraldi-Christmas Time is Here
  • Volcano Choir-Island, IS
  • Sufjan Stevens-Santa Clause is Coming

And lest we can never forget what the holidays are actually supposed to be about. I feel that my good friend Linus  can explain what the true meaning of Christmas really is.

Happy Holidays and cheers from me. Sincerely I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

To listen to most of this music you can check out my playlist on Grooveshark. Or check the AV Clubs Holiday Undercover Series.

*The Polyphonic Spree’s album “Holidaydream: The Sounds of the Holidays Volume One” is out now.

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