So This is the New Year and I am off

Courtesy of Street Artist Slinkachu and his amazing world of miniatures


So we did it! We survived the Mayan end of the world, we got through an apocalyptic year of Honey Boo Boo and Taylor Swift’s lack of edginess and entered the awkward teenage years of the 21st century! In lieu of that I thought about being an ass and posting Death Cab for Cutie’s “New Year” like I do in all my angsty past years but I decided that this year it is time to be different.

A new year, a new look, a new me! So many new opportunities lie ahead of me! Do I have a job? Hell no! Do I have any better ambitions than last year? Nope. Am I frustrated that it is so easy for all of my friends to get married and I am so reluctant because I don’t feel like I am responsible enough to take on that responsibility? You better believe it!

But I am not letting that hold me back. I like the new year because it always feel like a fresh start. Not just to lose an extra few pounds, but for me to finally realize my true potential and what I want to do. Recently I was with my Ladyfriend and her sister at the Park Meadows Mall in Denver and became enthralled and inspired. Not with the Mall itself, I don’t like them because they take away from the community and downtown support of small business. But, all of the shops left me with this serious awe and impression that our society is finally starting to recognize and embrace our 20-something awkward fondness for the 1890’s and an appreciation of the craft persona. Because of that I feel that I am ready to not hold back and finally start taking my life in my hands and improving and becoming better for myself and hopefully for my family I will eventually want to have….maybe….sometime soon….or later…..maybe.

But it’s time to focus on the things that make me happy and hopefully through my blog, Youth Like Hubris, you can again follow my journey to become a man living with intent and hopefully feel inspired to do the same.



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