Friday Morning Coffee Break: The Coffee Ritual

What makes the coffee moment so special, hmm? Could it be the delicious black liquid at the end or is it that you get to act all cool knowing that you have nerdy coffee equivalent to a comic book nerds vast collection? No, if you think about it, coffee comes down to the actual ritual of making a cup of coffee. From the barista side, it is that moment that they get to harmonize with their ingredients and really pay homage to all of the hands and work it takes into craft such a delicious liquid. For a customer it is that moment where they are able to let go of the whole universe and just be with their thoughts. Nothing matters but the aroma and flavors of their individual coffee.

Take a look at the above video. I recently found this on the website They state that when drinking espresso, they should think about it like a “choose your own adventure.” That is in the sense that there are a multitude of different ways to enjoy your coffee based drink depending on your mood, the type of coffee you have and the quality of the taste. What really fascinated me about this video is that there is so much dedication and focus put on the actual drinking of espresso. Before, I saw espresso as a mere quick fix, but now it has become a minute to a minute and a half experience. There is so much dedicated to the enjoyment of the beverage that for that full minute, all attention is placed on that drink. You need to take the time to enjoy the espresso and all of it’s flavors that it exudes.

You cannot deny the sensuality of the moment

I think of the coffee ritual as a very spiritual moment. When you are tasting something, the complexity of the coffee should be given its due respect and your upmost attention. The hands that went into making your drink, from the farmers that grew the coffee to the barista that prepared the drink deserve your respect. They have put a lot of work into what you are drinking. Many people forget that coffee, similar to the beer industry, has varying levels of complexity and general nuances that have to be appreciated. To appreciate those you have to be fully involved in the drink and let the experience overwhelm you with flavors and emotions. You are the coffee and the coffee is you.

Now I am not trying to say “EVERYBODY MUST DRINK CRAFT COFFEE AND ENJOY THE NOTES OF PECAN AND JUNIPER” not even close. What I am saying is that having a coffee is your zen moment. Your moment to disconnect from your personal self and become one with the universe. A simple self reflection and the freedom to enjoy your little universe. You decided on having coffee, you chose the drink you are going to consume, you will admire your drink! That respect should be put upon your time with the coffee, to use it as a quick fix of caffeine I think really loses the importance of that moment for yourself. I know for me, when I am busy and the whole universe is moving a mile a minute, having that simple moment of coffee really can change your perspective on your day.

Also important to note is that the experience of coffee at home is just as important as going out for a drink. In-house (pardon the store lingo) makes you MORE master of your domain. You control all of the variables. Not only that, for the 1-20 minutes it takes for you to make your coffee that is YOUR time. The time that is dedicated to making the perfect moment for you! Please, when drinking your coffee, take some time to be in the moment. To really experience the coffee for what it is. A moment to be with you. To gather your thoughts, to admire life, to just be. Coffee has a way of teaching us lessons on a much deeper level than we ever think.

Check out one of my favorite videos on the coffee ritual done by Sandwich Video who also so happen to be on my favorite broadcast you look nice today and his coffee ritual moment. It does not dissapoint.

2 thoughts on “Friday Morning Coffee Break: The Coffee Ritual

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