Friday Morning Coffee Break:

Good morning today. Indeed. The sun is out, the birds are chirping and the weather is unusally warm today. Nothing better to do than wake up and enjoy the view. Today I thought we would visit my favorite website and really what started me into this coffee endeavor,

Dark Roasted Blend is a one stop destination for what they call the “weird and wonderful” on the interwebs. Updated daily the site looks at a wide array of things. Mostly collections of pictures or links it is dedicated to educating the masses on the beauty of life and all those things around you. Imagine if you will you are at a coffeeshop. Let’s just say Seattle for kicks and giggles because that is where everyone imagines drinking coffee, and you are staring off into the abyss. Just people watching or looking at the surroundings and noticing all of the beautiful things around. Well, that is exactly what Dark Roasted Blend is sans the real world. It’s all on your computer. Every morning  in college when I would wake up I used to love making my coffee and checking this site. My favorite was always to look at the homemade robots, 1950’s style cars of the future,  or the beautiful espresso machines quite often displayed on the site.

Interesting fact, the reason why I was turned onto this website was because of a John Malkovich interview where he praised the site for it’s quirkiness and originality. I quote from their site:

“Dark Roasted Blend is a perfect morning wake-up – a site filled with images of Earth’s strange dreamers, oddballs, visionaries, travelers and destinations”
— Time Magazine, August 31, 2009, p. 55, John Malkovich’s Short List.

The most oddball actor second only to Christopher Walken adores this site for its oddball-ness. Well I couldn’t help but see it myself. A true masterpiece to enjoy with coffee and really to start any conversation. Please feel free to look at the site and find what you love.

This is the coffee roaster, grinder, brewer. A beautiful machine


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