Friday Morning Coffee Break: March Modok Madness

I guess last night my Alma Mater, CSU, had a great win in basketball as part of March Madness. I had no idea that my school was in the tournament. Shows you how much I like sports.

But just because I don’t like sports, that does not mean I don’t know how to celebrate March Madness. But personally for me, I prefer celebrating MARCH MODOK MADNESS!

March Modok Madness is what you would call the nerd equivalent to March Madness. That event where Spider-Man’s outfit from the amazing Spiderman is sewed into a ball and they do something with the ball involving hoops and the Harlem Globe Trotters. Kind of boring if I do say so myself. Basketball is enjoyable to watch, but much like any other sports, I think that too much time is wasted on statistics that don’t really impact your everyday life. I get really mad when people can tell me the starting line-up of Duke University but they can’t tell me who the house speaker of Colorado is or hell, who is the head of the democratic party. Sorry, going on a tangent.


This is my Black and White Inspiration for March Modok Madness

This is my Black and White Inspiration for March Modok Madness

March Modok Madness is so much better because you don’t need statistics. Just some good old fashioned comic knowledge and a good sense of humor! Started by bloggers Pedro Delgado and Brendan Tobin, MMM was started as a way to celebrate and highlight artistic interpretations of Modok or Mental.Organism.Designed.Only.forKilling aka the Director of AIM, aka the big floating head of doom, aka the most bad ass of all Marvel Characters. The art is great because of the interpretations of this character go from the quite literal to very meta and abstract. Plus, this is a labor of love. No commissions, no comic book submissions, no ulterior motives except to celebrate a great character. I really like finding sites like these because they remind us to take the time to enjoy and appreciate art. Too much we see the same thing everyday and lose out on the enjoyment because it is nothing new. With March Modok Madness, boredom is not an option because your mind is always racing wondering “what awkward situation will Modok be in next?”

Modok has been an inspirational in my art for a long time and every year I look forward to this event. Here is my submission via black and white. Modok works real hard killing minions, doing science and stuff so he really likes his coffee. The only thing that is frustrating is that his coffee without a lid always spills no matter how much work he does to fix it. This was a drawing I did for my local non-profit coffee shop’s executive director.  If you are really interested check out the March Modok Madness site here, maybe post a picture of your own. Submissions are accepted through the month of March.

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