Sartorially Self Inclined: Colorado Spring

This is pretty normal, one day green, the next a blizzard like right now!

Colorado is one of the most “interesting” states when it comes to weather. We have an old saying that we like to say here, “If you don’t like the weather wait 15 minutes.”

Colorado weather is extremely predictable in that the weather will be completely unpredictable during certain times of the year. During October there will be a FREAK snowstorm on Halloween following a week of  70 degree weather. Or there will be sunshine and green lawns at Christmas. Colorado Weather being the way it is we natives have become use to waking up wearing t-shirts and sandals and ending the day in wool sweaters and boots. Especially the last few weeks Colorado has seen this insane weather flux. It has been unscrupulous amounts of snow. More than we actually got in the winter. On the one hand it is a good thing because as another Colorado saying says “we need the moisture” but at the same time it sucks because I cannot ride my bicycle to work and I cannot enjoy my Chacos. Chacos, for you non-natives are a Colorado year round staple and the best sandal in the world. Well, except for my Kinos. They are stand alone. 

That being said. When you live in Colorado you have to be prepared for all types of weather at all times. Like for instance today, I started my new job with Americorp going in a light dress shirt and jean jacket and left work needing snow boots and my ski jacket. What kind of stuff would best fit the necessary weather transition needs? Why the staples of course! Flannel, Wool, and beanies. Both flannel and wool are extremely breathable so as it gets warm outside you don’t have to worry too much about being too warm and beanies…well beanies are just cool. I think my fascination with wool and flannel go back to my appreciation with 70’s mountain style. It was just so manly with jeans and flannel. These men would get up in the morning and do man things and still have time at the end of the night to sit back with a good beer, friends and music or some other art form. Tough yet sensitive. Much like Colorado Weather. It is beautiful in its sunlit hues or its eerie quiet of snow. It is tough and sensitive at the same time. Something that I find highly attractive in men or women, in weather, in fashion, and in a general sense of life. To be able to balance the two is a difficult task. When I wear flannel and wool sweaters everyday it kind if is one of those reminders to myself to always remember to balance the two because life, like Colorado weather is unpredictable. Wear flannel, wear wool, and beanies are cool.

Here are some of my favorites

Courtesy of Best Made: The Classic Chitina Guide Sweater

A sweater with Military roots, this classic wool design fits very snugly but layers very well and keeps you quite warm. Pair with a nice puff jacket and you stay warm. Not only that, it wicks away sweat real well. I have two of these and love them when I am camping or hiking or even walking to work. This wind this winter has been miserable, but I have barely noticed on this work. Not only that, this is a great sweater to wear with just a t-shirt or a dress shirt and tie.

Courtesy of UnionMadeGoods: Beam Red Flannel

Red flannels pop. I love red flannels so much that I have multiple variations on it. They remind me of that mountain man aesthetic. I can wear these shirts casually on the weekend and during work with a tie and a wool sportscoat. They are versatile and do just as well working on a motorcycle as they do being worn by your ladyfriend to stay warm on those cold winter nights. Its a great way to feel like a real American Man.

Best Made Co.: The Red Cap of Courage

The traditional “Steve Zissou” beanie that everyman should have and wear, this beanie just conveys a sense of sheer awesome that comes with great swagger and sense of confidence. A lot of my favorite famous people have worn this style of beanie. Jack Nicholson, Nathaniel Rateliff, Justin Vernon, Robert Redford, the list goes on. The perfect round stitching allows for a smooth attachment to the head with no weird lines or square bumps. The beanie fits real well on the head and keeps you warm. Interesting fact, almost 70% of all body heat is lost through the head. Remember that the next time you want to shave your head during the winter. Or not grow a beard.


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