Ignite Fort Collins: The Coffee Ritual

I feel like I have a tendency to talk a lot about coffee. I mean A LOT. But I can’t help it. Coffee is something that really spurred my passion, creativity, and opened my eyes to the beauty of the world around me. It’s funny to think that so much potential and hope can be seen in a little 8oz mug.

About three weeks ago I was very fortunate to be part of Fort Collins very own Ignite series. The Ignite series is a national phenomenon meant to bring together nerds, hardcore fans, and geeks together to talk about stuff. And by stuff I literally mean anything that your little brain can think of. As their site states:

Ignite is a geek event in over 100 cities worldwide. At the events Ignite presenters share their personal and professional passions, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minutes. “Enlighten us, but make it quick.”

The purpose of the events is to really spark and open up conversation and allow people to share their passion and creativity amongst their peers. However, the challenge for the event really comes from the fact that you are limited to only 5 minutes and 20 slides that move automatically. If you lose your spot or forget your speech you are DOA. I like that they added a time limit to it because it really helped me focus my own thoughts. When I started my presentation it turned out to be a 30 minutes long. As I started to put my presentation together I really had to think about the purpose, intent, and motivation for this speech.

400 plus people. Not a bad audience. Very supportive

400 plus people. Not a bad audience. Very supportive


I really wanted to talk about the spiritual understanding of the coffee ritual. What is the ritual of coffee and how can we get to a point where coffee has meaning and isn’t just used for a caffeine fix?

Why is it important for us to appreciate coffee on a higher level of existence?


The intent is to really help the layman understand why coffee people are pretentious and snooty. It’s not because we judge people (which sadly is sometimes the case) but is mostly because we have a more emotional and spiritual understanding of our coffee. We see it as a way to connect people and the human existence.


Memories. Plain and simple coffee is a way for me to connect to some of the most important things in my life. In fact, I have such a strong committment to perfecting the Cappucino because it helps me connect to my brother and I feel I owe it to his memory and our bond to make the perfect cappucino everytime.


We had our own tables for people to come and chat with us after the event. Glory and praise

We had our own tables for people to come and chat with us after the event. Glory and praise

My website Youth Like Hubris is always discussing the idea of “intent and purpose.” I firmly believe that people who live a long and true life should always have intention behind everything they do. Even relaxing and doing nothing, without purpose behind those actions all you are doing is floating allowing the human experience to really control you instead of feeling the world around you. Connecting on a deeper level that allows for a better understanding of life and the universe around you. To see that connectivity in a cup of coffee will open up your eyes to things unseen to you before and help you live a life of piece and satisfaction.


Ignite Fort Collins was one of those experiences that absolutely opened my eyes to the importance of publicly sharing ideas. I have never been around a group of people who are so kind, open, and willing to exchange ideas and value opinions. Ignite is a community organizing step to bring the people together and talk and motivate improvement on the small scale to improve on the larger. A great event and for those who have ideas or are afraid of public speaking, what a safe and welcoming place to really push yourself. I will want to do it again.

Check out Ignite Fort Collins site here and please vote for my next presentation “Satorially Self-Inclined” in October. It should be a riveting and well fitted speech.

Also, check out my speech here. I was the first of the night in front of an audience of over 400 people. It was nerve racking but a great experience. Made my mom cry.


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