Hipster Fourth of July

Courtesy of Stereogum. My favorite music website

A day late, a buck short. The ode to the Hipster.

Happy post Fourth everyone. I hope you had a good time saying hey to the true hipsters of our nation. The men who were unabashedly unafraid to make something out of nothing. Who said yay to farm coops and sticking it to the man (who still paid for them to be by themselves in New York) to the Men who said, “It’s like our nation man, and we can do what we want now or whatever and stuff.” The founding of this nation was built on DIY and freedom to express yourself the loudest and to anyone who would listen. Although we are in a state of flux and hubris, I believe in this nation. I believe in the independent movement and I believe in our Hipster Founding Fathers.
To celebrate the fourth enjoy Dan Deacon’s USA. A 22 minute composition that highlights all that is beautiful, hip, and pretentious of this nation.


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