Sartorially Self-Inclined: The Commute

Man I love Mr. Porter. Talk about a modern and chic clothing website. I absolutely love all of their articles and style/fashion pieces. I think a lot of the problem with men’s fashion is that the fashion is presented in the same vein as woman fashion. It is all about the style and clothes. But for men, we require something a little more substantial. Men’s fashion should be part of the whole experience. Clothes should be used to highlight or create a layer to our lives. When I look at men’s fashion i like to look at it in context of the setting and situation. I think it is cool to look at an amazingly cut piece from opening ceremony but it won’t really get me to buy the outfit. I mean maybe it is because men don’t have the wherewithal or the creativity to be able to know where you should wear that outfit, but I think that men need context. We need the why we should wear something. Why should i be wearing a suit? Why should I be wearing a flannel and buy an axe from Best Made?

It is just a well groomed website. Much like how a man should carry himself.

It’s all about context and seeing how your clothes fit in the real world. How the man is perceived in the clothes. I think that when men start to make the transition into a more bespoke and tailored fashion sense, they start to become more aware of their presence in the world and how they want to be seen. I mean take for instance shows like Suits, White Collar, and the Mentalists. These men are all very well dressed and demand a certain respect in and out of the office. Not only that, they carry themselves with this absolute classy and casual debonair. They exude control of their situation around them.

When you place the clothes into perspective, I think that it helps men realize and understand the importance of how you present yourself to the world. How you can use clothes as a tool and an asset. Think of them as a way to present your personality, your confidence, but also your ability to just be a man. A Steve McQueen, a Russel Crowe, a Most interesting man in the world!

Men’s style, especially American men style is very much buried in years of tradition and romanticized tendencies. When I start to really focus on how I look I feel in this weird way that I am connecting with a tradition of strong willed, good looking, well respected lineages of men that have come before me.


I bring all of this up because Mr. Porter is a website that is constantly providing that context for clothing. Instead of just giving you the clothes at fashion shows or just releases by the companies, they actually place the clothes in real world settings and show you how to wear the clothes and in what context they work. I love suits, I really do. But i recognize that they are not for every setting, but what can I substitute to still maintain that classic American man feel. One of my favorite parts of the website is their video series. They have numerous ones but their most recent release, #thecommute really shows you how dressing well doesn’t inhibit a man’s ability to be an individual but just makes it that much cooler.

You’ll see what I mean.



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