Halloween 2013: Dead Man’s Bones

Rockabilly Batman

Rockabilly Batman

I love Halloween. The lady and I both agree that it is our favorite holiday. Not just because of the candy, or the dressing up, or even large amounts of playing our favorite game “Costume or Regular Outfit!” It is a delectable game where you have to decide if they are in costume or not. The answers will very well surprise you. No, the real reason we love Halloween is because it is our holiday. We both have all of our other holidays with our respective families so Halloween is the one we get to share. We also love it for Dead Man’s Bones.

In 2009 a little unknown actor by the name of Ryan Reynolds decided that he had a talent that was being underused in his life and he did not have an adequate outlet for his affinity for horror movies. It was a difficult time. I myself this year was having a lack of holiday spirit and couldn’t quite gather myself into a Halloween mood. I mean sure I had a great friend who introduced me to drinking games with the movie Sleepaway Camp (BEST B MOVIE EVER!) but I just couldn’t quite figure out my spooky soundtrack. In fact I think that year I was given duties to create a playlist for a house party.

Well besides the standards “Time Warp” and “Psycho Killer” by the Talking Heads I couldn’t quite find the feel that I was looking for in my music. I guess neither could Mr. Reynolds. That was until his friend Zach Shields went up to him and said “Let’s start a horror movie band with a little kid choir.” Finally, both Reynolds and I had our solution to our horrific problems in finding our soundtrack for Halloween.

Great classic rendition of Halloween. I love it.

Dead Man’s Bones was really started as an art project. Along with the Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir, Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Shields created a soundtrack that pays tribute to all of the classic sounds of horror and Halloween. Everything from classic 1950’s sci-fi horror to the creepy eery sounds of a graveyard, this album really tried to capture all that was spooky of Horror in a really pop focused way. The children’s choir adds this creepy eeriness and hollow sound that makes this a really scary album to listen to when you are running in the woods after dark. The songs were simply meant to be fun and just a project to creatively push the two actors.

The album is unique for a lot of reasons, but one of the most unique parts is that both artists decided that they wanted this album as real and as scary as possible. That meant limiting the takes, using no auto-tuning or cleaning up, and just letting the sound speak for itself. With songs like “Buried in Water” and “Flowers Grow Out of My Grave” the album draws you in and makes you feel adorable but also makes you scared to look behind your back. One of my favorites songs off of the album is Pa Pa Power which is reminiscent of 50’s movies about aliens and mad scientists. An era that has been truly under appreciated in modern times.  I really like how everything feels like horror in this album and that it wasn’t done for a quick buck. You can hear the honesty and sincerity from Ryan, Zach, and the choir. I especially love every promo shot and video has the choir dressed up in full Halloween regalia. There are pirates, zombies, mummies, even swamp monters. It is just what I would call the eptiomy of Halloween and also HIPSTER Halloween.

The album is the soundtrack to Halloween and it is what I put on October 1st and play through the whole month to get in the mood. If you can find a copy of this album, it is well worth checking out. If you are a Ryan Gosling fan, it just makes you want to make out with his 12 pack even more.


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