Feliz Navidad all you Hipsters and Beatniks

There is nothing I like better than when Irony meets the holidays. I hate the benevolent Hipster Culture, which has definitely been changing into this weird girls wearing Han Solo outfits thing, like a lot. I think it is because it is constantly either trying to hard to be too cute or not enough to be looking like it tries too hard. In fact my lady friend opened up to me and thoroughly hates my pretentious ways in coffee. She doesn’t get coffee because she likes it, she just likes that I have guy friends.

Well even with your handlebar mustaches and your commitment to Arcade Fire (Reflektor was a big “meh” this year) I salute your indelible ability to laugh at yourself. As we wind down for the year and prepare to celebrate our commercialized pagan holiday, take refuge in this video about Hipster Santa. Revel in the fact that this year he bought you Settlers of Catan and a new mason jar set. Enjoy your soy based kombucha drinks with quinoa “chocolate” chip cookies and just laugh at the humor of the holidays.

I have always denied my hipster tendencies but I still feel that it is important to laugh at the absurdity of a trend that you occasionally fall into. It is just fun, and isn’t that what life is all about? Happy Holidays everyone and I look forward to the 2014.

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