Friday Morning Coffee Break: The To-Go Cup

KeepCup Cork/Glass sexiness

It is a beautiful day outside. I have decided to call in sick to work. And no…my boss doesn’t read my blog. Well hopefully she doesn’t. But if you are at work or at home, grab your favorite brew, grab your computer and take a break outside as we enjoy our Friday morning coffee break and learn about the to-go coffee cup.

Traveling with coffee used to be my go to thing. I always was on the go and always needed to be caffeinated. However, as time went on and I started to become more invested in coffee on a much more “foodie” level I learned how bad it was to carry your coffee in a to go container. Besides the fact that nine times out of ten it was in a paper cup/plastic lid combo that is absolutely terrible for the environment, your lid and the plastic reusable container you have greatly tint the amazing flavors of the coffee. As condensation builds up on the inside of your cup, your amazing $4 coffee turns into a bitter sour mess. I couldn’t stand it and I started to scoff at people who did not make the effort to schedule “coffee drinking in a mug” time into their day. I will admit that this was the lowest of the low when it came to my pretentious coffee days.  It was bad.

Well as I have grown up and become less douchey in regards to coffee, I have come to understand and even respect the to-go cup and its neccessity in life. Not everyone has the time to be like us 20-somethings taken care of by our parents and not have to work for money. Some people are locked into diligently making money from 8-5 everyday. They can’t sit and enjoy their coffee until they get to their destination. That means you have to enjoy your coffee on the go. Well I am one of those people and instead of getting frustrated I looked for alternatives to the traditional starbucks to go cup.

When selecting a to-go cup it is important to remember a few factors. As we look at the different factors I will show you some of my favorite to go coffee cups.


Stanley Thermos available at most outdoor retailers

One of the most important aspects of your coffee cup is that it needs to keep your coffee hot. It needs to keep it at an ideal temperature between 71 and 82 degrees F. Or for old school working men “piping hot.” The Stanley Thermos is an American staple and a classic go to for maintaining temperature on your coffee. It is classic in its design but is so focused on form that I have had coffee from this thing 3 hours later and still burned my tongue. Many working men including myself and my dad have used this and it is something I always carry when I camp or hike.

Environmentally Friendly


One of the biggest problems that I had with Starbucks and a lot of other big coffee shop businesses and even ma and pa shops is that their to-go cups were plastic and just as bad for the environment as the to-go cups and plastic lids. When you have a cup that will be yours to take around and you inevitably break it, lose it, or lose interest in it make sure that you have something that will make you feel okay. I am a big proponent of glass to-go cups. But also don’t want to have to pay more than I need to. The Cuppow lid for the standard mason jar are an absolute treat. Made of BPA free plastic and biodegradable products, the Cuppow allows for any wide-mouthed mason jar to turn into a to-go cup. It is sleek, stylish and very hipster but has been the easiest and most resourceful cup I have ever owned. Until someone stole it. Those bastards.


Let’s be real here. Like any other thing in your life, your to-go cup is a statement to the world about who you are and what you believe in. I personally think that if you are going to have to lug something around you want to make sure it is something that is halfway decent and something that will be the envy of your peers. The KeepCup limited edition glass and cork cup is absolutely beautiful in its production and design. It comes in either 8oz or 12 oz so its not particuarly too large or too small. It is just perfect to throw in a small bag but when displayed at your desk with an amazing Ethiopian coffee, you will be the coolest person in the office. Even if its in the mailroom.


Finally, the most important thing to think about is size. When choosing a cup, you want to choose a cup that will hold the caffeine you need for a wake me up, but not take up too much space in your bag. I am a classic fan of a little bit of a good thing. For me, 12oz is about as big as I want in a cup. Why? Well because anything more means that you have to lug liquid around with you that will get too cold and will become more of a nuisance than a delicious drink. Plus, as coffee profiles have started to expand and prices started to inflate (I am willing to pay $12 for a really nice brewed coffee) I want to stay as affordable as possible but still enjoy a quick pick me up throughout the day.

A to-go cup shouldn’t have to be something complicated, bulky, or even needed. You could just clip a camping mug onto your backpack. But if you do need one for your travels, make sure that it is something that is as much a part of your own personal style as it is convenience. When you purchase something, remember that it is a reflection on you and as such, instead of buying tons of frivolous things, why not have one or two awesome things that when people see it, they go “yeah, that is one cold ass honkey.”


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