Writing Again, and It Feel’s So….Weird I Guess…

Good evening, or morning, or whatever your time beliefs are.

After almost 2 years of non-existent work on this site I have decided to jump back into writing a free form blog. Not only that, I have decided to drastically update the site and turn it into something less of “LISTEN TO ME BECAUSE I NEED MY EGO FED” to more of a practicum of writing. I want to be able to use this site to kind of freely express myself and develop my writing skills in a fairly public space. Not neccessarily expecting people to read it but again, to understand the principles of online writing.

I have been really wanting to venture more into online writing and have really been interested in jumping into the online market. You know, opening on e-commerce site, starting some sort of online e-learning course, writing valuable content. Stuff that, according to all of the online courses that I refuse to pay for, if I start writing I can make millions of dollars a year! Now that may be true for them teaching, but let’s be real. A lot of these online courses are really not helping.

But lately I have been feeling the urge. I can see the other side, I can feel calling of the online/writing world and it feels good. Real good. And I want to stand up to the world and go “yes, yes I will write online and somehow turn that into a profitable, rewarding, and value-driven experience!


To start writing again after so long has been hard. To be able to form messages and clearly articulate what I want through writing, either long form or short, is difficult when you haven’t written in a long time. Writing is like a muscle. You can’t just run a marathon. You have to pace and build. This month for instance I tried to jump in and use NaNoWriMo to be my jumping on point. And after about 6000 words my brain died and I couldn’t go any farther in my book.

But I was recently listening to a few different podcasts including James Altucher, Art of Manliness, and Tim Ferris, and the common thing that they kept saying that I refused to listen to was, “if you want to write, just write.” Whether that be writing 10 ideas down a day or writing your thoughts, or something actually of value, you just need to write. A lot of the scams online will tell you “write and make money immediately” but all of the podcasts I listened to recently have been putting the focus on the effort and patience. You have to just kind of start and throw a wide net and develop your writing skills. I think a lot of people, myself included, want that instant gratification of writing for a niche that will listen to you and pay for your work. But I can’t have a niche until I start writing, learn as much as I can, and develop myself to provide value to the world. The more that you can build your writing muscle the better writer you can be.

So here we are. Writing around a 500 word article to say that I am going to write more. How embarrassing. I have to write to tell you I am going to write about writing. But it will hold me accountable. And again, this blog has gone away from being for someone (i.e. to make money) and more for me to better develop my skills and maybe, hopefully, be able to write in other avenues for a profit and give people some value and quality content in their lives.


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