With trepidation and excitement I look forward to Star Wars on Friday

Agh, I never thought this day would come. Okay, so I thought this day would come, but let’s be real here. Its actually happening! A new Star Wars movie is coming out and I could not be more excited! From that first major chord in the Star Wars opening theme to the hum of the lightsaber first igniting I mean you can not feel a sense of awe and wonder like you did as a child.


Although I have a slight fear about the movie sucking (due to ostensibly high expectations that not even God at this point could reach) I am still going in with hope. JJ Abrams has been very good about holding the best secrets close to his chest till the reveal. From everything that we have seen come out in the trailers it has been little new and all old. He is pushing our nostalgia buttons right where he needs to to get us to fall in love with Star Wars again. And I feel he was reluctant enough to take the mantle to know he has to create an amazing story to move the Universe forward.

Hey remember the Millenium Falcon? Well it’s here! Lightsabers? The fucking glow! Hey, you want to see stormtroopers, x-wings, and the desert heroes journey again? Well here you go, its Star Wars silly!

Part of me applauds Mr. Abrams for the work that he has put into this movie. Instead of just trying to make something “new” and “unique” he is pandering to the masses of fanboys foaming at the mouth and eagerly pawning over any little snips of information that come out. But the other part of me worries that he may push that line of nostalgia ala Terminator Genisys or Jurassic World. Both movies, when left to stand to their own devices, failed miserably because the emphasis was on nostalgia and less on telling a quality story.

Hey remember that great scene in Jurrasic Park with the kitchen and jello? It’s right there! Hey, do you remember the really cool terminator that turned into liquid silver? He’s gonna fucking punch Arnold! Like in the second movie! Remember that? It’s cool if you don’t this is almost a shot for shot remake.

You see where I am going with this?

What fascinates me and is different about this new Star Wars movie i  that with those other nostalgia movies that have come out this year, there wasn’t as much expectation for success or so much pressure put on them to perform like Star Wars. Sure there are fans of Terminator and Jurassic Park. Hell, even the new TMNT movies were a throwback, but they don’t have the dedication and mass following like Star Wars.

I think a lot of that comes from what Star Wars means to so many. Unlike many other cliche’d stories Star Wars hits every fanboys buttons. Cowboy Westerns, Smugglers/Pirates, Samurai, Space, Damsels in Distress, Swords, Knights, Cops, and revolutionaries, Star Wars is this perfect amalgamation of all fandoms put into one. It balances so many genres so well into a fully cohesive story that actually makes some sense. The movies and even the extended universe have fully fleshed out a whole universe that everyone can feel like they are a part of. Instead of the focus being on the one destined hero, Star Wars made everyone feel like they had potential, like everyone had an integral part to play in the story.

And that for me is what makes Star Wars so special. Instead of it just being a story about the “destined” one to fix everything and everyone lives happily ever after, Star Wars empowered anybody with the chance to do something good. Han Solo, classic example, was a smuggler who was able to become the hero of the story. Wedge Antilles, went on to lead his own Squadron on missions that impacted the universe. Hell, even Jar Jar Binks went on to become a Senator and lead his world into a time of political prosperity!

I remember finding Star Wars when I was a kid. I remember watching these movies and feeling inspired. I remember thinking about all of the lightsaber fights I had and how many times I wished with my heart of hearts I would be able to one day fly an A-Wing. I remember that when I watch Star Wars, I have hope. Hope in myself and hope in creating beautiful stories in my own writing and in real life.

Star Wars to this day is one of my biggest influences in life and lately I feel like I have been letting it down. But hopefully, the Force willing, JJ Abrams has done the fans proud and created a beautiful movie that builds off of what we love and expands the story to inspire a new generation of heroes.


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