In short, this blog is about being a grown up with youthful ambitions rather than growing up like a kid.

In long form,

“Hubris” is the ancient Greek word for extreme pride or arrogance verging on the break of reality. As a 20-something living in a small town, I of course feel like I know everything there is to know about everything. Originally I intended for this blog to be me giving my opinion on the world. Telling them what I know because in my mind I know everything…or at least have an opinion for everything.

But as I put this blog together I realized that life is much more than just projecting your thoughts and opinions on the world. Yes a lot of it is about creating your own thoughts, ambitions, and opinions, but the world is so much more. You see, to really grow, you just can’t allow yourself to blanket the world in what YOU know, you have to let the world teach you. In doing so, you lose that naive egotism and you become something more than just a person with a blog and opinion, you become a part of the world. Than you can become someone who can be respected for what they know rather than demanding that your opinion be respected, like a originally believed I should.

So, this blog now has become more of a tool. A documenting tool for my personal growth into a person living an “intentional lifestyle.” A life that has meaning and purpose behind all of my movements as well as lasting meaning. I would hope to provide information that gives people something and in return can help give back to me and grow as a person of respect and intent  rather than growing up with a foolish drive and an incorrigible attitude.


James Lopez is an angsty 20-something who is still figuring out his life. Although his mother disagrees with him all the time, being the Head Barista, working on cool projects in his community and being creative like this all the time definitely stands for something.

You can get a hold of James on:

Twitter: @thelopezident

Email: R.jameslopez@gmail.com

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