Friday Morning Coffee Break: The To-Go Cup

KeepCup Cork/Glass sexiness

It is a beautiful day outside. I have decided to call in sick to work. And no…my boss doesn’t read my blog. Well hopefully she doesn’t. But if you are at work or at home, grab your favorite brew, grab your computer and take a break outside as we enjoy our Friday morning coffee break and learn about the to-go coffee cup. Continue reading


Friday Morning Coffee Break: Tools of the Trade “Hario Drip Kettle”

I love the holidays. I get presents, I give presents, and I get to drink some damn fine coffee.

Hario Buono Coffee Kettle

This year my ladyfriend was amazing. She bought me stuff to help build my coffee crap craft collection. On Christmas I was given a Hario Buono Coffee Drip Kettle. It is stylish, metallic, and looks like a beehive. It is sexy, gives me complete control over my water pour and just looks elegant on the counter. Being able to look like a piece of art is important when something takes up counter space. You don’t want your house to look like a mess. You want it to look like an architects/designers wet dream full of tres chic designs and shapes. This pot is made in Japan. Along with the pour over and coffee sock, I can say that Japan’s coffee renaissance has been improving the craft coffee scene for all.

What I like about the Hario kettle is, like I said before, control. When you are making coffee there are many variables that you are working with. Water quality, water temperature, grind of coffee, quantity of coffee, water flow, filtration, coffee age, brew time, etc. etc. The list is enormous. But what the Hario does is it allows you to control at least a few variables. Namely water heat and water flow. Now heat you are constantly losing from when you pull the water off of a heating element but the bee hive design of the Hario allows for longer heat retention in the pot maintaining a more consistent near boiling temperature.

The Hario also lets you control the amount of water that you pour onto the grounds. This controlling of water allows you to 1. Fully saturate the grounds during the blooming stage 2. Fill up your coffee to the desired level/weight 3. Control the pour so that you are not over extracting your coffee. Think of coffee beans like a peanut M&M. On the outside layer is the color which when extracted gives coffee it’s nice brown/red hue. Inside of that is the chocolate, all of the great flavors that you like. Finally there is the peanut. In an M&M it is good, but in coffee that is the bitter bland part that we don’t want to pull into the actual coffee liquid. The Hario allows to properly extract the good parts of the coffee and leave the bad parts in.

*I should not here that skill is still required to not pull in the peanut, but the Hario helps.

When we think about over extracting, a lot of manual brewers are gravity based. Meaning that when you pour the water over the coffee, the liquid is pulled down. The water will also look for the path of least resistance  and if the coffee grounds have an opening say on the edge of a pour-over, than that is where the coffee will go. Or the water will direct itself to the edge of the pour over thus over extracting the outside grounds and under extracting the inside.

The science is too difficult and too long to explain here so I will do that at a later date but needless to say. This is one of the best gifts I ever received. I really love it and love my ladyfriend for it.

You can purchase the Hario Drip Kettle here.

Friday Morning Coffee Break: The Customer Service Topic Yet Again

Have you had enough of Friday yet? Decided to head down to your favorite coffee haunt and order a coffee and “work from home?” If you have join me again for another exciting Friday Morning Coffee Break.

(*Update: My friend TJ at John Galt’s Coffee in Greeley now has latte’s. For a small town it’s a big deal!)

A great coffee podcast and well worth the hour or two to sit down and learn about coffee from coffee peeps

A great coffee podcast and well worth the hour or two to sit down and learn about coffee from coffee peeps

Today though I will forewarn that this is a “Soapbox” post. A soapbox post is formed in the style of a disgruntled tangent. Today I would like to focus and analyze customer service in coffee. But today we will be using the example of the new podcast “Coffee Uncut” to analyze the different approaches to customer service and the lack of understanding  about the relationship between people.

Continue reading

Friday Morning Coffee Break: Rocky Mountain Craft Coffee Alliance

Novo Coffee Selections

Oh man, again, what a crazy life I live. I would have never thought that it would actually cost me time on my blog. Although there are really like 5 people, including my mom, who come to the site, I still feel like it is a disservice not to be doing something I committed to. If I make a website I have to try and log in and post once or twice a week.

Well, one of my many excuses for posting on my blog is that I have been busy with working on the organization The Rocky Mountain Craft Coffee Alliance. What is the RMCCA? Well I am glad you asked… Continue reading

Friday Morning Coffee Break: A History of the World in 6 Glasses

Tom Standage’s other book The Victorian Internet is next on my list of reads.

Lately here in the good ol’ state of Colorado we have been getting late in the year snow storms and now late in the afternoon Rain. Miserable because I just wan’t to ride my bicycle. Oh well, I guess that just means grabbing a Cortado and sitting down to read a book. Come along and join me as today I read a phenomenal and life changing book, A History of the World in 6 Glasses. Trust me, you will not be disappointed that without whiskey and coffee, the American and French revolutions NEVER would have happened.  Continue reading

Friday Morning Coffee Break: How Hipsters Are Ruining Coffee

I recently was checking my coffee news on (The Pitchfork of the Coffee World) and came upon an article from the blog “God Shot” titled On False Equivalencies (or How Hipsters Are Ruining Coffee). An article about hipsters and their judgmental scoff about coffee? Well this should be interesting… Continue reading