Music for Mondays: Joy Division

photo (2)Happy 2014 everyone. We have finally done it. We have finally traveled into a non-unlucky year. For the last year I have been avoiding cracks, the centers of ladders, and every mirror I can so that I would be okay. But now I have little to fear. Except for the freezing cold. Colorado like everyone else was hit hard by the cold front. Dipping into the negatives and being cold, the walk to work was miserable. Grey clouds, slippery ground, it was not nice. But even for how bad it was I loved my walk today. Because today, I slipped my music on and listened to Joy Division. The music for a bleary snowy day, Joy Division will put you in the right mood of grumpy to bear the freezing tundra and get through to the next beer  day.  Continue reading


Halloween 2013: Dead Man’s Bones

Rockabilly Batman

Rockabilly Batman

I love Halloween. The lady and I both agree that it is our favorite holiday. Not just because of the candy, or the dressing up, or even large amounts of playing our favorite game “Costume or Regular Outfit!” It is a delectable game where you have to decide if they are in costume or not. The answers will very well surprise you. No, the real reason we love Halloween is because it is our holiday. We both have all of our other holidays with our respective families so Halloween is the one we get to share. We also love it for Dead Man’s Bones. Continue reading

Tiny Desk Concerts: OK Go shows how you should ALWAYS move your office

Courtesy of AV Club via NPR

NPR has so many great music shows. Everything from All Songs Considered to First Listen, and Piano Jazz hour.  In fact, if it wasn’t for NPR I wouldn’t like half the bands I listen to, I wouldn’t fawn over Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen, and I wouldn’t be telling you that I think Bob Boilen is music God in human form. It’s all true.

Well the best show that NPR Music has is their Tiny Desk Concert series. The premise is simple. Take a band and stuff them into an itty bitty little office space and have them play an acoustic performance for the 10 people stuffed into the room and record it for everyone to see. It takes the Mtv Unplugged series to a whole new level because the audience has invaded the artists comfort level. They are literally breathing down your throat.

I have seen a lot of great performances at the concert. Including Blackaclicious, The Polyphonic Spree, Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, Sharon Jones, and The National. But there is one band that just bleeds live performance and thrives on the audience. I am of course talking about OK Go. If you do not know who Ok Go are than you are missing out on the best live performance band in the world. I said it, THE WORLD. Everything that they do as a performance is just that, a performance. They make awesome pop rock music but instead of just playing it, they find ways to include their environmetn and audience into the performance. For instance, one of their best videos they every made was a huge Rube Goldberg machine that ended with cars and paint and stuff blowing up.  The only other band that even comes close in my mind to their visual energy and visceral desire to be big is Matt and Kim. But they are in a league unto themselves.

NPR has recently moved offices into what looks like a cross between Mr. Porters offices and a Mac Store and decided that to move the Tiny Desk it would be great to film a band playing whilst the move happened around them. A great experience, humorous and I can’t get over the fact how original, playful, and sincere this band is. Check out and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Music for Monday: The Alabama Shakes

This is an American Band. Complete with American beard and a tree in the back. They are going to drink Moonshine after this

I am sometimes deemed a trendsetter by my friends but I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an early adopter. What i mean is that I am not the one that is always touting the newest trend or fad. I mean yes I have already listened an am top of the new National Album, but no, I am not going to start listening to some type of musical crap that sounds like transformers transforming because it is the “it” thing. I put this affidavit in because I would like people to know that sometimes music that has come out years ago may be new to me. But just because it isn’t the “freshest” doesn’t mean that it isn’t the absolute best.  Today I am of  talking about the band The Alabama Shakes and their release Boys and Girls.  Continue reading

Music For Mondays: The Shouting Matches

Sexy no?

Oh dear lord. I love Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. If there was a man crush that I could act upon there is a really good chance that I would be out in the middle of the wilderness having a same-sex marriage whilst chopping wood for the fire and whittling  a canoe to enjoy the sunset while Justin writes a falsetto opera about his tweed jackets. Believe you me, I am not the only person who thinks about this. Seriously. And don’t worry, my ladyfriend knows my love of Bon Iver so this won’t come as a shock to her either.

The reason I have such an admiration for Bon Iver is because his music, like Nathaniel Rateliff’s, touched me in such an intimate and emotional way. He was like the Weezer to my College years. All the pain and angst and growth that comes with college was summed up on his album For Emma, Forever Ago. My heart was broken many times in college. I felt sad and alone in a town that I didn’t really feel comfortable in. I wanted to run away with my thoughts in the mountain wilderness but constantly wondered if anyone would care about me. Justin Vernon was able to give me the background music to my life as a movie. It was sad, it was bittersweet, it was beautiful. What really sealed the deal for me as they say was his solo album Hazeltons. It was one of those albums that just makes you cry and cry and cry. The pain in his heart and in his soul just reverberates and makes you feel alive in a way that only sadness can. I can’t help but pull out one of his many music project’s albums and just look outside solemnly when the weather is gloomy. Continue reading

Music For Mondays: Dark Was The Night

Courtesy of Red Hot. Fighting Aids through Pop Culture

Mondays are mondays. Nobody likes them. Heck, I have a 45 minute drive from Greeley to Frederick, CO so I can’t lollygag or putz around because I will be late but alas, I spent all morning catching up on Sterogum’s 5 Best Videos of the Week which I will one day write about here. But today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite compilations ever titled Dark Was the Night. A 31 song collection of many of my favorite current independent artists. Now is it new? Not even close, it was released in 2009. Many albums have come out between than and now, but when the weather outside starts to get moody and rains/snows/just feels chilly I like to put this album on and relax in the ambiance of mild depression. Come and join me in this journey to see why this is one of my favorite compilation albums.  Continue reading