Halloween 2013: Dead Man’s Bones

Rockabilly Batman

Rockabilly Batman

I love Halloween. The lady and I both agree that it is our favorite holiday. Not just because of the candy, or the dressing up, or even large amounts of playing our favorite game “Costume or Regular Outfit!” It is a delectable game where you have to decide if they are in costume or not. The answers will very well surprise you. No, the real reason we love Halloween is because it is our holiday. We both have all of our other holidays with our respective families so Halloween is the one we get to share. We also love it for Dead Man’s Bones. Continue reading


Happy Halloween

Halloween Pumpkin Doodle

Here in Fort Collins, there are a multitude of excuses to get dressed up in costume. Tour De Fat, Fortoberfest, Zombie Crawl, New West Fest, every saturday night, etc. etc. etc. But there is only one true holiday that I think it is valid to wear a costume that does NOT HAVE TO INCLUDE A FLIPPIN’ TUTU! (Fort Collin-ites have this preconceived notion that for any costume, a brightly colored tutu and a wig are de facto costume pieces. They are not. End of story.)

I really like Halloween and I am so happy that I have found someone that enjoys it just as much as I do. But we agree that we both like Halloween because it is one of the most creative holidays there is. And there is candy, lots and lots of candy! Continue reading