Music for Monday: The Alabama Shakes

This is an American Band. Complete with American beard and a tree in the back. They are going to drink Moonshine after this

I am sometimes deemed a trendsetter by my friends but I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an early adopter. What i mean is that I am not the one that is always touting the newest trend or fad. I mean yes I have already listened an am top of the new National Album, but no, I am not going to start listening to some type of musical crap that sounds like transformers transforming because it is the “it” thing. I put this affidavit in because I would like people to know that sometimes music that has come out years ago may be new to me. But just because it isn’t the “freshest” doesn’t mean that it isn’t the absolute best.  Today I am of  talking about the band The Alabama Shakes and their release Boys and Girls.  Continue reading