Music For Mondays: Nathaniel Rateliff

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Music For Mondays: Dark Was The Night

Courtesy of Red Hot. Fighting Aids through Pop Culture

Mondays are mondays. Nobody likes them. Heck, I have a 45 minute drive from Greeley to Frederick, CO so I can’t lollygag or putz around because I will be late but alas, I spent all morning catching up on Sterogum’s 5 Best Videos of the Week which I will one day write about here. But today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite compilations ever titled Dark Was the Night. A 31 song collection of many of my favorite current independent artists. Now is it new? Not even close, it was released in 2009. Many albums have come out between than and now, but when the weather outside starts to get moody and rains/snows/just feels chilly I like to put this album on and relax in the ambiance of mild depression. Come and join me in this journey to see why this is one of my favorite compilation albums.  Continue reading