What is an Intentional Lifestyle?

Hello, welcome to my blog Youth Like Hubris!

What started out as a meditation in self-indulgence really became another ghost site on the internet collecting dust and not really moving anywhere. Well, after a two year absence, this site is being redeveloped and nurtured to cultivated into *hopefully a study in long form content writing on the internet.

Consider it my practice run as I focus and really learn how to write again. Write creatively, informatively, and most importantly, write for me to express myself and hopefully garner enough skill, strength, and courage to turn this creativity into something supportive and self-sustaining.

The true roll of this blog will be to be a practice in writing and trying to generate value based content. To embolden myself to live a life of enrichment and to reflect on life experiences and remember that they are experiences. That everything that happens in life is intentional and purposeful. Living an intentional lifestyle means that we need to enrich our lives through everything and we need to be positive and let everything bring life to us.

So join me in enjoying life with stuff like this!

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